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A new Archipelago project is forthcoming from The Foundry.
The CD titled Bibimbap will include contributions from Forrest Fang, Saul Stokes, Chris de Giere, M. Bentley/eM, Thermal, Ben Swire, Dean Santomieri, and Content Provider.
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The Archipelago is a loose association of Bay Area artists. Included in the collective as of June 2003 are Thermal, Seofon, eM, Rhomb, Dean Santomieri, Saul Stokes, Forrest Fang, Chris de Giere, Ben Swire and Content Provider with others to be included on future projects. Our manifesto may be read here.

We now have audio archives available at Besonic.

For further information on the "Islands" 3" CD series go here, and for information on events go here.

These are recent releases from the musicians currently involved in the Archipelago collective:

Saul Stokes Fields (Hypnos) CD

eM Outward (The Foundry) CD5

Ben Swire Equilibrium (The Foundry) CD5

Seofon Zero Point (The Foundry) CD

V/A 360° [featuring tracks from Thermal, Seofon, Rhomb, and eM, among others] (The Foundry) CD

The numbered Archipelago releases are:

Thermal + Freezer + CUE "Time out of Mind" (Boxman Studies) CD Archipelago #1

Thermal + Seofon A Monument of Chance (Boxman Studies/Thousand) CD Archipelago #2

Rhomb Lunatic (Archipelago) CD Archipelago #3 (1 of 6)

CSERO Pikoliftor (Archipelago) CD Archipelago #3 (2 of 6)

Seofon Immanent (Archipelago) CD Archipelago #3 (3 of 6)

Thermal Span (Archipelago) CD Archipelago #3 (4 of 6)

Dean Santomieri Crude Rotation (Archipelago) CD Archipelago #3 (5 of 6)

eM Click Pop (Archipelago) CD Archipelago #3 (6 of 6)

Further information at the following sites:

[ archipelago index ] [ the foundry ] [ thermal/boxman studies ] [ a-toi ]